Lunch Date

January 26, 2012 | Personal | Share on Facebook |

That’s Dora, times two! These little dolls are the current obsession around here. Alice loves the show, I don’t think I’ve met a toddler who doesn’t. I was in a second hand shop looking at kids clothes when like a missile finder, Alice honed in on these two Doras! Needless to say we couldn’t leave the store without them. I guess I’m a sucker but for 10 bucks, who needs to go through the crying fit? Well, they have been well worth that 10 bucks! They go with us everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE :-) It’s amazing how many looks you get when you’re in the Home Depot with these girls! They get pretty rough treatment, usually being dragged around by their hair. At least she’s not doing that to her brother…..YET!!