Let’s Count!

February 18, 2012 | Personal | Share on Facebook |

Here is my little smartie pants, don’t we all think our child is the smartest?! Well, I’m no different. This book that my husband is reading to Alice is all about counting. It’s a Dora book, Dora counts everything. So, now Alice knows her numbers, the trouble is, instead of saying 1 2 3 she says 2 4 9. Whenever she sees double of anything, like two toothbrushes or two diapers she announces that we have 2 4 9 of them! This is one of those funny things that I don’t want to forget 😉
The funniest part is that once we hit number 6, she can count all the way up to 14….Let’s just hope that by the time school starts we’ll have this sorted out!