Origami For Kids – Free Instructions

Believe it or not, I took an origami class when I was in grade 6! So I saw these origami instructions for kids and just had to share it. It was a fun experience, but not all kids are in a position to stay back after school to take a paper-folding class. With this freebie, you can have the kids home on time, and still have them reap the benefits and excitement that I did when I was about 12 (stop trying to guess my age :p). For those who don’t plan to purchase origami paper, you can use regular sheets like computer paper, and just cut them down to size.

The directions are for kids, so they’re nice and simple to follow. I remember a few times when I felt a little TOO challenged, and wanted to quit. Origami for kids definitely helps the little ones exercise their patience and ability to take their time and follow instructions. Be sure to help them out if they get stuck!