Escada Facebook Samples

Do you prefer the Sexy Summer Life in NYC, the Exotic Tropical Shores or the Vibrant Brazilian Atmosphere?

Right now you can get a sample of one of three of Escada’s summer fragrances!

Sexy Graffiti sums up summer life in New York City. Fruity florals are inspirational and uplifting.

Island Kiss mixes fruity florals with orange, passion flower and mango to remind you of exotic and tropical shores.

Rockin’ Rio is inspired by vibrant Brazil this scent blends fruity floral with tropical top notes and creamy sandlewood.

Just “Like” Escada on Facebook and choose between Sexy Graffiti, Island Kiss or Rockin’ Rio and request your sample to be sent to you!

I went with Sexy Graffiti so I hope this scent is great!


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