How adorable are children in stylish clothing? I just want to eat them all up! This little guy is in an outfit from the children’s department at The Bay. Our son isn’t in school yet, but winter is slowly approaching, so a little shopping will be needed.

If you’re heading over to The Bay for children’s items, I’ve got a nice savings for you. When your total purchase is $75 before taxes, you’ll get $25 knocked off your total! Hmm, let’s see, that means a cute pair of jeans, some dress shoes and a few sweaters for him. Yep, we’re definitely making a family trip of it this coming weekend. So many holidays on the way. Might as well attending them in style. He’ll only be a one year old ONCE :)

This Coupon Expires on October 11.

Save $25 Today

Alyssa ♡